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We support local retailers. Many studios have state resale licenses in order to buy the merchandise they need for themselves and their students. This is great for the studios as they supplement their income, and is convenient for the students to obtain exactly what they need on-site, and often at a discount. However, it places a hardship on local retail stores who bear the additional expenses associated with providing customer service. In order for us to extend wholesale prices we require that you provide the following:

  1. Regular store hours
  2. A telephone that is answered during store hours
  3. An answering machine, which indicates that there is a retail shop
  4. Listing in the local phone directory under Martial Arts Supplies
  5. A storefront or a sign that is visible form the street

If you own a studio and do not meet these qualifications please contact us to find out about our educator's program.

Please fill in at least one name, phone and email address.
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store phone
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billing email
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What is the best way to get in touch with you?

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What markets do you serve?


How did you learn about Foot Paws?

If you care to share, please add details.

Any other comments or questions?
If you have more than one store location, let us know the addresses so that we can list them in our store locator.
If your billing address is different than your store address, please provide your billing address here.
Privacy Policy: Dance Paws LLC will not sell or give your information to anyone other than as needed for us to conduct business with you (for example to UPS for shipping).

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