Wear & Care

Putting on Foot Paws

Gently place the tip of each toe through its hole, grasp the lycra and elastic and pull over the toes. Continue, releasing the fabric bit by bit as you pull them on all the way. The gentler you are when you put them on and take them off, the longer they will last.

Color matching

Use fabric dye as desired.


Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

Customizing your Foot Paws

If the fabric is tight around any toe, cutting off circulation or causing discomfort, trim the holes to fit.

trimmingWith Foot Paws on your foot, draw a crescent shape to mark the fabric where it starts to extend onto the toe. Do not draw between the toe holes.

Take them off and use small sharp scissors to enlarge each hole up to the mark you made. A small cut makes a big difference, so trim carefully!

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